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Ami Bulsara is a compassionate neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse whose dedication extends beyond the confines of the hospital. With a profound understanding of the challenges families face when caring for a loved one, Ami has devoted her career to building positive, long-term relationships with patients and their families.

Holistic Patient Care

Learn about the benefits of holistic patient care and approaching every patient with custom care and compassion.

Community Engagement

Integrate new strategies to engage your community to generate a ripple effect of positive healthcare outcomes for all. 

Advocacy for Accessible Healthcare

Accessible healthcare is a right and we have a long way to go to achieve  equitable and accessible healthcare for all. 

Ami Bulsara

"I approach each of my patients with individuized care and compassion to make their experience as positive as possible."

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“My mission extends beyond the confines of the hospital walls; it is about nurturing a community where families feel supported, understood, and cared for, regardless of their circumstances.”

Ami Bulsara

Ami Bulsara in the Media

Ami Bulsara has been featured in digital publications globally for her work in the healthcare space. Providing direct insights into the world of nursing, she advocates for healthcare access and equity for all. In addition, her custom and thoughtful approach to patient care as well as her emphasis on communication with families showcases Ami Bulsara’s commitment to the wellbeing of her community and the people she cares for. 

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